National Honor Society inducts 16

This article submitted by Michael Jacobson on 4/12/00.

Nat'l Honor Society The National Honor Society inducted 16 new members on Monday, April 3, in the middle school media center.

Members of the National Honor Society are chosen based on their character, leadership, scholarship, and service to the community, high school principal John Janotta told the audience of inductees and relatives.

Junior inductees were Cynthia Bollman, Sarah Brauchler, Travis Flanders, Joy Hemmesch, Stephanie Hoeft, Scott Ingalsbe, Leanne Kolb, Eric Korman, Ginni Lahr, Martin Lieser, Jennifer Mayer, Corey Schmitt, and Jamie Teicher.

Senior inductees were Karl Ainsley, Steven Gilk, and Jessica Heinen. Fifteen seniors were inducted into the National Honor Society last spring as juniors.

A brief address was given by Joan Nevitt, media center coordinator in the high school. Nevitt said that sports received too much attention, while the achievements of these National Honor Society students didn't receive enough attention. She told the students not to worry, though, because competitive sports normally end with high school. "Their time of glory ends when they graduate. Your time is just beginning," she said.

Nevitt put posters on the wall of famous people who had made a difference in music, science, politics, or art. Featured on the posters were Albert Einstein, Pablo Picasso, Mahatma Gandhi, Amelia Earhart, John Lennon, Miles Davis, Jane Goodall, and Jim Henson. Nevitt also put a picture of each of the inductees on the wall, saying that each would make a significant contribution to society as well. "Don't settle for average, or just getting by," she urged the students. "Follow your dreams."

Before presenting the students with certificates commemorating their induction, Janotta explained that inductees are screened carefully. Last year's inductees selected five faculty members to serve on the induction committee this year. These teachers reviewed the students' applications and judged their character, leadership, scholarship, and service.

"Not everyone who had an interest in National Honor Society was invited to be a member tonight," Janotta told the audience.

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