Vocal teacher works with choral students

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 04/08/97.

Claire Tokar, Richfield, spent a week working with the Paynesville Area High School choirs.

A voice teacher for 15 years in the Richfield/St. Paul area, she emphasized the basics to the students. Tokar had the students working on body alignment, respiratory system, proper breathing, diction, helping them get rid of their tense spots and trying to get them to be less inhibited. ďIt seems as the kids get older they are afraid to move and loosen up,Ē she added.

Tokar led the students in exercises to better their breathing. As the students sang, Tokar walked among them correcting their posture, and reminding them to smile and open their mouths wide. Tokar worked with the treble choir, mixed choir as well as 38 individuals preparing them for contests on April 8. The students held a recital on Monday night for their parents.

One of the groups she worked with consisted of 10 freshmen, helping them develop self-confidence. The students described Tokar as fun, cool, a good influence on them and that she is broadening their music ability and music horizons.

Tokarís visit was sponsored by People Promoting Music. They are already working on a grant through the state arts board to bring her back next year and exposing the middle school choirs to her lessons.

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