Vocal students earn superior scores on solos and ensembles

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 4/7/98.

The Paynesville Area High School choral students attended the vocal solo and ensemble contest at Eden Valley-Watkins High School on Friday.

ďIn order to be judged for the section as well as the sub-section, a solo or ensemble must receive a sub-section superior rating,Ē Cheryl Bungum, vocal instructor, said. ďBecause of conflicts with dates, our sub-section chooses to combine the two contests and give ratings for both sub-section and section at the same time.Ē

Four schools participated in the contest: Paynesville Area High School, Eden Valley-Watkins, New London-Spicer and Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City. There were 128 entries judged by five judges.

Students earning sub-section superior/section superior were: a trio consisting of Allison Thompson, Mackenzie Merrill and Janel Meyer; baritone solos, Scott Ingalsbe, and Ed Gardner; bass solo, Dan Johnson; quartet of Dan Johnson, Josh Ryan, Scott Ingalsbe, and Ed Gardner; mezzo soprano solos, Janel Meyer, Theresa Phillipp, Rachel Miller, Missy Schneider, and Becky Gardner; soprano solo, Erin Vork; madrigal choir; alto solo, Allison Thompson; and the vocal duet of Erin Vork and Becky Gardner;

Sub-section superior; section excellent: Mezzo soprano solos by Jana Zumwalde, Amanda Granzow, Erica Geier, Andrea Roeser, Mackenzie Merrill, Janel Schefers, Ginni Lahr, and April Willemsen; baritone solos by Ryan Lang and Nathan Martinson; double trio of Erin Vork, Jana Zumwalde, Rachel Miller, Becky Gardner, Erica Geier, and Allison Thompson; duet by Andrea Roeser and April Willemsen;

Sub-section superior: trio of Cassie Frieler, Jana Zumwalde, Jamie Teicher;

Sub-section excellent: Mezzo soprano solos by Amber Ingalsbe, Sandy Elmhorst, Trista Dukowitz, and Erin OíFallon; vocal duet by Trista Dukowitz and Heidi Wilder.

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