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Paynesville Press - April 5, 2006

Talent showcase held to benefit auditorium

By Michael Jacobson

Several hundred spectators attended the 2006 Talent Showcase on Sunday, April 2, at the school auditorium, where 28 local acts performed in a benefit concert.

The show raised funds for maintaining and enhancing the auditorium, as well as showcasing local talent and demonstrating again the variety of uses of the auditorium, built in 2000.

Talent show Acts ranged from singing and other musical acts (everything from piano solos to a demonstration of the Norwegian hardinger fiddle) to a dances, storytelling, comedy sketches, a karate demonstration, and a fire dance, which was the grand finale. Christopher and Theresa Meis, newcomers to Paynesville, have performed their fire dance for years at the Renaissance Festival.

Miss Paynesville Lindsey Pelton (left) and Second Princess Tanya Whitcomb (right) serended Willie Scheel, the long-time chauffeur for the Payensville royalty, to the song "My Guy" on Sunday night. Pelton and Whitcomb wore shirts that said "I Love Willie" and "Willie Fan Club."

Other highlights of the talent showcase were Miss Paynesville Lindsey Pelton and Second Princess Tanya Whitcomb serenading Willie Scheel, the chauffeur of the Paynesville royalty, to the song "My Guy" and the String of Pearls performing "When Are We Gonna Get Married" as Ole and a String of Lenas.

Ole and Lena The event was organized by a committee: Cheryl Bungum, Cheryl and Roy Colbert, Matt Dickhausen, Amy Flanders, Jane Leitzman, Colleen and Ian Pelton, Michael Putzke, and Charlene Strand.

The String of Pearls performed as Ole (Linda Liestman, right) and a String Of Lenas (including Carolyn Swyter, left) on Sunday evening. The String of Pearls sang two songs: "Baby, I'm Yours" and "When Are We Gonna Get Married."

A chronological listing of the acts that performed at the talent showcase on Sunday is:
•Ralph Daby, storytelling
•Chelsey Hartmann, singing
•St. Louis Children's Choir Ensemble of Katelyn Hoeft, Hannah Lange, Sydney Riley, and Teirrah Syvertson, singing
•Jean Nichols, singing
•Karla Leitzman, piano solo
•Teirrah Syvertson, piano solo
•Miss Paynesville Lindsey Pelton and Second Princess Tanya Whitcomb, singing
•Julie Moyer, hardinger fiddle
•Dr. Ray Lindeman, storytelling
•Dance Sensations, jazz dance
•Dugan Flanders and Peder Thompson, trombone duet
•3Cs (Cheryl Bungum, Cheryl Colbert, and Charlene Strand), singing
•Sam Bungum, piano solo
•Josh Bungum, piano solo
•Natalie Leadem, piano solo
•Pastor Dave Nelson and Kayla Nelson, guitar and singing
•Evangelical Free Church Worship Band (Barry Christenson, Jean Louis, Allen and Lori Schmidt, and Barry and Charlene Strand)
•Terry Nelson, guitar and singing
•Ralph Daby, Dillon Herem, and Karla Leitzman, comedy sketch
•Bill Brinkman, Mike Flanders, Dr. Bob Gardner, and Ian Pelton, singing
•Allen Anderson, singing
•Vork Family, jazz group
•Roy Colbert, singing
•PAHS Mixed Pops Choir, singing
•String of Pearls (Linda Liestman, Kathee Martinson, Laurie Martin-son, Kim McKigney, Faye Paster, Charlene Strand, Carolyn Swyter, and Karen Theel), singing
Fire Dance •Erica Monson, singing
•Christopher and Theresa Meis (shown at left), fire dance.

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