School board disappointed by passage of airport zoning

This article submitted by Michael Jacobson on 4/04/01.

The members of the school board were updated on the passage of the airport zoning at their meeting on Tuesday, March 27.

The joint airport zoning board had passed the new zoning ordinance the week before.

The school board had opposed the zoning and passed a resolution in February expressing that opposition. The board felt the restrictions on the southern portion of the school property - including the driving range, which the district has leased to the golf course - would limit the school's options for future expansion.

The school board and the airport committees had met to discuss their differences and appointed a committee to work on possible solutions, but these efforts did not produce a mutually agreeable solution.

In the end, the airport committees felt their more immediate plans outweighed the school's long-term expansion ideas.

"In other words, they had their minds made up," said school board member Bob See at the March 27 meeting.

"The general public can say all they want, but they have no authority," explained school board chair Pat Flanders. "I'm just disappointed they're handcuffing the school district," he added.

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