Popcorn and Pops concert features different talents

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 4/04/01.

Students playing the jugs, adults on kazoos, and vocalists of all ages entertained at the second annual Popcorn and Pops Concert at the elementary school on Thursday night.

The concert was a fund raiser for the Paynesville Area Center. More than 1,500 pounds of food was collected for the center.

"Everybody had a great time," said Cheryl Bungum, one of the performers. "It was a fun way to showcase all the different talent in the community."

After performing four numbers, the male vocal quartet consisting of Allen Anderson, Luke Martinson, Dave Moline, and Dave Stumo performed an encore.

Later in the concert, the male quartet joined the String O' Pearls for "Here I am Lord." Members of the String O' Pearls are Karen Theel, Clarice Stumo, Kathee Martinson, Sue Brauchler, Kim Ellis-McKigney, Carolyn Swyter, and Linda Liestman.

Dave Stumo and Brett Bungum joined the 4Cs on stage to receive their wives loving glances. The 4Cs sang a medley from "My Best Friend's Wedding. The 4Cs are Cheryl Bungum, Cheryl Colbert, Charlene Strand, and Clarice Stumo.

Many of the numbers performed by high school students were excerpts from pieces they had rehearsed for contests.

The fourth grade recorder students performed four numbers. The PAES Prelude Singers, the elementary choir consisting of fourth and fifth graders performed four numbers.

A percussion ensemble from the high school played an unusual combination of instruments for "Dill Pickles." Cody Wiig and Jonnie Schefers played the jugs while Jesse Rien was on drums. David Jones played the washboard, Rachel Koehn played the vibraphone, Scott Thompson and Nathan Martinson played the marimba, and Becca Gardner played the xylophone.

High school band students also presented flute, tuba and a trumpet solo, as well as a clarinet choir and saxophone quartet.

"It was great for the high school students and adults to show the fourth graders that music doesn't stop," said Charlene Strand, concert organizer. "It was a fun, festive night for all involved. It was so neat to see the kids excited about music."

"I enjoyed the concert. It was fun," said Bryan Mara, high school band teacher. "The concert was a great chance for fourth grade recorder students to see where they can go with music if they pursue it through high school," he said. Return to Archives