Paynesville graduate signs record contract

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 04/01/97.

Angela Fox, 20, Paynesville, a junior at St. Cloud State University, is floating on cloud nine.

A music major, she has always dreamed of recording a CD and getting a break in the music industry. That break came this winter!

Timothy Kloos of TRK Productions is a friend of Gary Condon, Paynesville. Condon is leader of the On Call and had worked with Angela when the group was known as The Carpenterís Tools. Kloos was asking if Condon knew of any new talent and Angela was recommended.

ďI was called to Garyís house to audition,Ē she said. Within a few days she was asked if she would do backup vocals on a CD for Frank and Vernita White. ďI was jumping for joy,Ē she added.

ďI spent a weekend in Detroit Lakes in a recording studio doing the backup music on five of the nine songs on their CD,Ē Angela said. ďThey then asked if I was interested in recording my own CD. I replied, yes!Ē

Over spring break, TRK Productions flew Angela and a friend to San Diego to record her CD of contemporary Christian music. The title song on the CD will probably be ďTry Just a Little.Ē The CD should be released nationally in August or September.

ďI recorded some songs Kloos wrote,Ē she said. There will be about 10 songs on the CD. ďHopefully some of the songs will be ones I wrote. I have been writing music as long as I can remember. I even performed some of my own songs when I was with the Carpenterís Tools.Ē

It was her first experience in a music studio. ďEverything really went fast. It was all so new. I had never sang with that type of equipment before. I learned so much on that trip,Ē she said. ďMy producer was very patient and explained a lot to me. He is one of my biggest fans. I feel so lucky to have been picked out of the blue. I never had to submit tapes for auditions like most singers.Ē

Angela said it is hard to believe her CD will be out there on the music racks in stores like Media Play and Best Buy. ďIt is too amazing to believe my CD will be on the racks next to my idols,Ē she added.

As a music major in theory and composition, Angela has been composing songs for college groups and doing instrumentals. In college she has also started doing classical music. ďClassical music has really helped my voice a lot,Ē she said. ďIt has extended my range and taught me how to sing healthy. I never had voice lessons until entering college.

She explained to sing healthy a person needs to avoid caffeine, use proper breath support, voice placement, mental visualization and to sing with emotion.

When talking about the future, she said she plans on finishing college, and go into a graduate program for theory and composition, possibly in California. ďBy attending school in California I can be closer to my producer, plus there are more opportunities to break into the music field there,Ē she added.

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