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Paynesville Press - March 29, 2006

Stang announces candidacy in District 14B

By Michael Jacobson

Nate Stang of Cold Spring has announced his candidacy for state representative in House District 14B.

District 14B contains the south-central portion of Stearns County, including Cold Spring, Paynesville, Richmond, and St. Joseph. In the Paynesville area, it includes the city of Paynesville, Paynesville Town-ship, Eden Lake Township, Munson Township, and the city of Roscoe.

"I am running to represent Stearns County's values, and I'll work hard to be Stearns County's voice in St. Paul," said Stang. "I've been overwhelmed with the positive response to my candidacy, and I look forward to meeting voters door to door. My priorities will be to strengthen education, grow jobs, improve access to affordable health care, and represent the pro-family, pro-life values of Stearns County."

Stang was born near Kimball, raised in Cold Spring, graduated from Rocori High School, and attended St. Cloud State University.

As the general manager of the Great Blue Heron Restaurant in Cold Spring, Stang said he understands the challenges of operating a small business. "Small business owners are the economic engine of Stearns County, and state policies should encourage job creation and small business growth. Legislators can't say that they want more jobs, but at the same time raise taxes and impose unneccessary and burdensome regulations to stifle the very businesses that creat jobs," he said.

Stang also cited the "failure" of the last legislative session as a motivator for his candidacy. "The gridlock and bickering resulted in the first ever shutdown of state government in Minnesota history," he said. "Even the highway rest stops were closed. It was an embarrassment to our state, and I'm running because taxpayers deserve new ideas, new leadership, and a more efficient and productive legislature."

Stang intends to seek the Republican Party endorsement to run for state representative in District 14B on Saturday, April 1, at the endorsing convention at Rocori High School in Cold Spring.

Stang's uncle, Doug Stang, represented District 14B for eight years before choosing not to run for re-election in 2004. District 14B is currently represented by first-term legislator Rep. Larry Hosch (DFL-St. Joseph), who was elected in 2004.

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