Student teacher brings love of music to school

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 03/25/97.

A native of Albert Lea, Mark Holt has been student teaching in the Paynesville school music department since Jan. 27.

A senior at St. Johnís University, Holt will graduate May 23 with a major in choral music education. ďMy passion for music drew me to my major,Ē he said.

Holt started his music career in third grade when he started piano lessons. He has also had guitar and trumpet lessons and considered being a band director when he grew up. But after attending a community college for two years and taking voice lessons, he switched his career plans to choral music. ďI enjoyed the music more,Ē he said.

While at Paynesville, Holt has worked with Clarice Stumo in the elementary school and Cheryl Bungum in the middle and high school. He has worked with the fifth grade general music, sixth through 12th grade choirs, given individual instrument lessons with the fifth graders and voice lessons with the high school students.

ďIím happy to be teaching and working with the students. A person doesnít teach music for the money but for the everyday welcome you receive from the students. Their enthusiasm is a great pick-me-up.Ē

After graduation, Holt hopes to find a job teaching elementary music in a school similar to Paynesville or music in a junior or senior high setting. ďIíve found in the real world, you can do both,Ē he added.

ďPaynesvile has been the perfect setting to learn new things. Mrs. Bungum is a good mentor and organizer. She letís me try new music and ideas,Ē Holt said.

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