Hypnotherapy offers relief from smoking/weight

This article submitted by Stephanie Everson on 03/25/97.

Janel Lamp, D.C.H-c, C.Ht., certified clinical hypnotherapist from the New Way Hypnosis Clinic in Waite Park, held her weight loss and stop smoking seminar at the middle school media center. The seminar was offered to the Paynesville area through the community education program.

Both Lamp and her associate, Dr. Mary Fischer, have a private hypnotherapy practice in Waite Park. They both specialize in regression/ release therapy, which helps the patient deal with past traumatic or negative experiences and emotions. The patient is often not consciously aware of the negative memories, but they can cause the person negative health or mental effects because the experience or thought was stored in the patient's subconscious mind. Those negative memories or beliefs can sometimes cause problems such as irrational fears, weight gain, alcoholism or drug abuse and unexplained illnesses, as well as other negative symptoms.

Lamp explained that everyday functions such as breathing are controlled by the subconscious mind. They are things we automatically are able to do without consciously thinking about them. Our habits, behavior patterns, and unfortunately, our fears, are also controlled by that part of our mind, which makes negative feelings and behaviors extremely hard to change.

One way to change this is through hypnosis, which is a state of deep relaxation when the therapist is able to establish direct contact with the subconscious mind and replace detrimental thoughts or feelings with positive ones.

Many people have untrue mis-conceptions about hypnosis that stage and entertainment shows have done a lot to perpetuate. During entertainment programs the hypnotist often appears to pick volunteers randomly from the audience, but in actuality, picks those who are more suggestible than others by observing the way particular audience members react to prior demonstrations during the program. The hypnotist will then take a volunteer, who will sometimes do embarrassing things, like barking like a dog or some other display to entertain the audience.

Under hypnosis, the patient does not go into a state of sleep or unconsciousness, which is commonly believed, but actually is in a state of keen awareness and mental alertness to his or her surroundings. No matter what the hypnotist suggests, an individual will never do something that is against their moral or religious beliefs.

A person under hypnosis does not surrender his or her will, but rather, is completely capable of making decisions, and at no time is out of control of themself.

Lamp and Fischer offer many various hypnosis seminars throughout the area for a minimal price.

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