Stearns County comprehensive plan

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 3/24/98.

Stearns County Comprehensive Plan (draft) goals for:

•Sustain agriculture as a desirable land use for the long-term; and
•Minimize land use conflicts.

Growth and Development:
•Sustain the livability and diversity of Stearns County.
•Manage the impacts of growth and development on the rural lifestyle.
•Enhance the urban environment for those who choose the urban lifestyle.
•Use financial resources efficiently.
•Provide a variety of residential opportunities; and
•Provide a plan and program for handling solid wastes which will anticipate residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial expansion.

Natural resources:
•Preserve important natural systems.
•Assure the reasonable and responsible use of the county’s natural resources.
•Recognize the land management/ water quality relationship; and
•Continue compliance with the solid waste management goals and objectives.

Parks and recreation:
•Provide natural park and open space areas and trail systems to accommodate active and passive recreational pursuits for both current and future residents.

Economic development:
•Maintain economic diversity.
•Update, diversify and expand the manufacturing sector.
•Strengthen and diversify the agricultural economy.
•Use financial resources efficiently; and
•Promote and develop tourism opportunities.

•Sustain a county transportation system that is safe, provides mobility and is well maintained.
•Maintain a transportation system that supports county development goals and objectives.
•Build cooperation and coordination among jurisdictions; and
•Utilize transportation funds to address system needs in the most effective and efficient manner.

County facilities:
•Provide county services and facilities that benefit the residents of the county in a cost-effective manner. County facilities include parks, open space, human services, administrative offices, and public utilities.

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