Instrumental performances earn superior ratings

This article submitted by Gretchen Vork on 3/24/98.

Paynesville Area High School hosted the section instrumental solo/ensemble music contest on Tuesday, March 17.

Musicians attended from Eden Valley-Watkins, New London-Spicer, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City and Paynesville.

Four judges listened to performances at four different sites and graded performances on a numeric scale. Those with a score of 35 or better received a section superior rating.

Paynesville musicians receiving section superior ratings were:

Alto saxophone solos: Kelly Loesch and Krysta Larsen;
Trumpet solos: Tricia Hemmesch, Janel Schefers, Anne Janotta, Lynn Stoneburner, Cory Schmidt and Joe Moeller;
Flute solos: Darlene Peterson, Tami Brossard, Heidi Burg, Gretchen Ziemer and Katie Hoyme;
Tuba solos: Jon Millner and Aaron Stanger;
French horn solos: Megan Nyffeler, Mackenzie Merrill and Erin Vork, Erin OíFallon and Missy Reiter,
    ( Merrill and Vork received perfect scores );
Baritone solo: Zach Spates,
Baritone sax solo: Kelsey Moser;
Clarinet solo: Michelle Lahr;
French horn septet: Mackenzie Merrill, Rachel Larsen, Melissa Reiter, Erin Vork, Tanya Lieser, Erin OíFallon and Megan Nyffeler;
Saxophone duet: Kelsey Moser and Casey Kavanagh;
Percussion ensemble: Eric Glenz, Maria Wegner, and Camille Flanders;
Saxophone ensemble: Anne Nelson, Jodi Bauer, Jen Lindquist, Andy Brinkman, and Kurt Habben;
Brass ensemble: Josh Jones and Ryan Mackedanz;
Saxophone ensemble: Mandi McCool, Kelly Loesch, Kelsey Moser, and Casey Kavanagh;
Flute duet: Alisha Block and Tami Brossard; and
Trombone ensemble: Brent Heinen, Andy Brick, Troy Schmidt, and Josh Ryan.

Best of the Day
Each of the four site judges awarded a ďBest of the DayĒ award to the best solo/ensemble they heard that day. French horn soloist Erin Vork won for her site and the French horn septet of Mackenzie Merrill, Rachel Larsen, Melissa Reiter, Erin Vork, Tanya Lieser, Erin OíFallon, and Megan Nyffeler won in their site.

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