Band students earn top honors

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 3/24/99.

Each student or group of students performed in front of a judge who rates them according to the states preset criteria: superior, excellent, good, or not rated score.

Paynesville had over 65 events competing. About 50 percent of the Paynesville entries received the top rating. The judges are also asked to pick what they thought were the best events of the night. Three of the four judges picked Paynesville students as their choice.

"Special congratulations to Mackenzie Merrill who edged out Josh Jones for the best of the night in room A. In room B, Lauren Vork put on a great performance, and as a ninth grader tied a senior from New London for best honors. Kelly Loesch put on a fine performance but just missed the honor. A tuba player from New London edged her out by one point in room three. Megan Nyffler and Casey Kavanagh were considered in room four but in the end a brass ensemble was chosen. The ensemble was made up of trombone/ baritone players Eric Korman, Mark Brossard, Travis Flanders, and Eric Rausch," Bryan Mara, band director, said.

"This contest promotes the learning that goes on all year and that is why all our students are involved. I think this was a very successful contest," Mara added.

Students receiving section superior ratings Mackenzie Merrill, Becky Gardner, Lauren Vork, Jon Schefers, Kelsey Moser, Erin O'Fallon, Kelly Loesch, Joe Halvorson, Megan Nyffler, Tanya Lieser, Anne Janotta, James Gulbranson, Josh Ryan, Casey Kavanagh, Gretchen Ziemer, Katie Hoyme, Cody Wiig, Tiff and Eric Rausch, Mark Brossard, Eric Korman, Missy Reiter, Anne Janotta, and Erin Aagesen.

Students receiving section excellent ratings were: Ginni Lahr, Erica Fox, Joy Hemmesch, Tiffany Haag, Kelli Heinen, Kelli Fenske, Eric Korman, Andy Torborg, Melissa Bachman, Jana Zumwalde, Ryan Whitcomb, Crystal Humbert, Jesse Rien, David Jones, Rachel Koehn, Scott Thompson, Maria Janotta, Becky Gardner, Becca Werlinger, Kerry Strand, Adam Rafferty, Jon Millner, Nick Glenz, Darlene Peterson, Corey Schmitt;

Jamie Teicher, Cyndi Bollman, Troy Schmidt, Heather Fenske, Monica Moser, Wendy Bennett, Amanda Reeck, Mandi McCool, Andy Brinkman, Jessica Heinen, Rachel Gifford, Jenni Mayer, Katie Wright, Jenny Habben, Jeff Voss, Zac Spates, Brent Heinen, Erin Aagesen, Tiff Rausch, Jessi Louis, and Emily Burdick. Students receiving a section good rating were: Krista Kotschevar, Angie Esinger, Lisa Stanger, Chris Wendlandt, Adam Gifford, and Jim Mehr.>

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