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Paynesville Press - March 22, 2006

Incumbents re-elected in township elections

By Michael Jacobson

All incumbents won re-election in the township elections last week, which were held in all townships in the state on Tuesday, March 14.

In the Paynesville area, there were four contested races: for a two-year supervisor in Eden Lake Township (won by incumbent David Benkowski); in Lake Henry Town-ship (won by newcomer Karl Schlangen); in Paynesville Town-ship (where incumbent Harry Thielen defeated a write-in challenger); and in Munson Township (where incumbent Daniel Holthaus won re-election).

Benkowski was appointed last fall to fill the unexpired term of former board chair Conrad Blomker. He was challenged for a two-year term on the Eden Lake Township Board of Supervisors by Jerome Hedman. Benkowski won the seat 92-82.

In Lake Henry Township, incumbent supervisor Math Hemmesch did not file for re-election. Schlangen defeated Jeff Dahl for the supervisor position 55-35.

In Paynesville Township, incumbent Harry Thielen earned his second three-year term on the board, defeating write-in candidate Ed Lang 98-22. The supervisor race in Paynesville Township has been contested - either in the filings or by write-in campaigns - since 1997.

In Munson Township, incumbent board chairman Daniel Holthaus won re-election over challenger Dave Borchardt 159-76.

Two townships - Eden Lake and Manannah - did not have any filings for clerk. In Eden Lake Township, Stacy Thielen won election with a write-in campaign for clerk. In Manannah Township, incumbent clerk Agnes Schmitz was re-elected by write-in votes.

Eden Lake Township
Supervisor (three-year term): *Ralph Hennen, 157;
Supervisor (two-year term): *David Benkowski, 92; Jerome Hedman, 82;
Clerk: Stacy Thielen, 70.

Irving Township
Supervisor: *Russell Schmidt, 22;
Clerk: *Donnel Williamson, 22.

Lake Henry Township
Supervisor: Karl Schlangen, 55; Jeff Dahl, 35;
Clerk: *Scott Lieser, 72.

Manannah Township
Supervisor: *Vernon Becker, 19;
Clerk: *Agnes Schmitt, 15.

Munson Township
Supervisor: *Daniel Holthaus, 159;Dave Borchardt, 76;
Clerk: *Michelle Hemmesch, 207.

Paynesville Township
Supervisor: *Harry Thielen, 98; Ed Lang, 22;
Clerk: *Don Wiese, 111.

Roseville Township
Supervisor: *Vernon Soine, 28;
Clerk: *Patsy Fenske, 33.

St. Martin Township
Supervisor (three-year term): *Clarence Olmscheid, 17;
Supervisor (two-year term): *Gerald Schaefer, 17;
Clerk: *Donald Rausch, 17.

Spring Hill Township
Supervisor: *Paul Orbeck, 29;
Clerk: *Ronald Bertram, 32.

Union Grove Township
Supervisor: *Verrol Smith, 16;
Clerk: *Loren Pearson, 16.

Zion Township
Supervisor: *Duane Burg, 24
Clerk: *Carolyn Reeck, 24

*Denotes an incumbent.

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