Roads, budget are topics at township meetings

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 3/22/00.

Budgets for the upcoming year and road repairs were the main items of discussion at township annual meetings this year.

In Eden Lake Township, the residents approved raising its budget $10,000 to help cover the new signage program, sponsored by Stearns County. Their total budget is $290,000.

Irving Township discussed the high cost of road construction at their annual meeting. They left their budget at $145,000, the same as last year, to help cover the cost of the Green Lake Road. Their road fund budget is $125,000, compared to their general fund at $10,000 and fire fund at $10,000.

The Irving Township Board also discussed rebuilding County Road 31 this summer. This would take some of the traffic pressure off of County Road 102.

Lake Henry Township left their budget the same as last year at $82,000.

Manannah Township residents questioned the cost of fire calls within the township. The board reminded them that this wasn't new this year and the bills are covered by their homeowners fire insurance, Jan Rossmeisl, clerk, said.

Manannah Township also received a request for funds from the Litchfield Public Library. The county suggested the township pay $7 per person which totals about $12,000. Rossmeisl said many at the meeting were not in favor of this donation. The township voted to leave their budget the same at $100,000. The township has maintained this budget figure for about 15 years.

Munson Township raised their budget $5,000 at their annual meeting. Its new budget is $229,000. According to Kathleen Hemmesch, clerk, they also talked about paving various roads, but it was a tough decision to make with the price of gas and oil.

The board asked for an advisory vote to change the road policy, which passed overwhelmingly. The citizens voice the concerns that the dead-end road policy be change so the roads can be paved if the residents pay half the cost.

At the Roseville Township meeting, Dennis Peterson, Kandiyohi County Commissioner, informed the people at the meeting about events happening in his district.

Bev Mueller, assistant hospital administrator, explained what was happening within the Paynesville Area Hospital District at the Roseville meeting.

The Roseville residents approved leaving its budget the same as last year at $69,000.

St. Martin Township also talked about road conditions. They usually upgrade several miles a year but are not sure which roads to do this year. Clerk Don Rausch said it was a quiet annual meeting. They left the budget the same as last year at $95,000.

Union Grove Township left their budget the same as last year, $90,500. "Our main goal is to go in and pay our bills without raising taxes," said Loren Pearson, township clerk.

Willie LaCroix, hospital administrator, attended the meeting and explained the the district financial report of Paynesville Area Hospital District.

At their annual meeting, the Zion Township residents approved leaving the budget the same as last year at $137,000. According to Carolyn Reeck, township clerk, there was a lot of discussion on roads. The township opted to go along with Stearns County on their new rural signage program. The program will help bring all the rural roads into compliance with the 911 emergency address system.

Zion Township approved a $500 donation to the Paynesville Area Center.

Willie LaCroix, hospital administrator, and Don Thomes, township represen-tative on the board, brought the township up-to-date on what was happening within the hospital district.

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