Annual budgets set at township meetings

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 3/21/01.

Irving Township increased its budget, from $145,000 to $170,000 during its annual meeting on Tuesday, March 13.

"Raising the budget was the hardest part of the meeting," said Don Olson, a supervisor in Irving Township. "We knew we had to do it."

Irving Township residents increased its budget by $25,000. The fire fund went from $10,000 to $25,000 because they work with four different departments and each has a different way of billing, said Olson. The road and bridge fund increased by $10,000 and the general fund was left the same.

In Eden Lake Township, residents approved raising the budget $20,000, allowing the township to catch up with inflation. Eden Lake authorized $5,000 more in four accounts: general, dragging, snow removal, and fire.

Roseville Township residents approved raising their road fund $5,000.

Lake Henry Township discussed purchasing a new grader for the township. Supervisors will obtain price quotes and set a special meeting to decide whether or not to purchase a grader.

In Manannah Township, residents approved paying $10 per sign for 911 signs. Meeker County will be installing the signs this summer.

Representatives of the hospital district presented updates of what was happening at the hospital and its building project to townships that belong to the district: Paynesville, Roseville, Union Grove, and Zion.

Township budgets

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