Strate awaits court appearance

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 3/21/01.

The St. Cloud man accused of having a methamphetamine lab on Rice Lake should go to trial in the next few weeks.

James Michael Strate, 34, St. Cloud, faces two charges in federal court. A federal grand jury charged Strate in December with operating and manufacturing a methamphetamine lab in excess of 500 grams and for endangering human life while manufacturing methamphetamine.

His trial is expected to start within the next two to three weeks, according to a spokesperson at the U.S. attorney's office.

Strate was arrested in December in his St. Cloud apartment for firearms possession and manufacture and possession of methamphetamine. A search of his father's cabin on Cyrilla Beach Point on Rice Lake revealed explosive devices, numerous booby traps, a meth lab, and firearms.

The manufacture of methamphetamine is considered hazardous as the chemicals are highly explosive and dangerous.

The maximum penalty for manufacturing meth is life in prison. The maximum penalty for endangering human life is 20 years in prison.

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