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Paynesville Press - March 19, 2003

Paynesville area meetings

Paynesville School District   •   City Council

Paynesville Township

The Paynesville Township Board of Supervisors took the following actions at their meeting on Monday, March 10.

  • The board approved letting bids for the reconstruction of NW Koronis Road, Crestridge Road, and Breezewood Road. The township will advertise the bids and open them at their meeting on Monday, April 28.

  • The board reapproved an EDAP loan for Avon Plastics, which owns the Master Mark Plastics plant in Paynesville. Previously, the board had approved the loan but did not want to subordinate its loan to a bank loan. The board has since learned that it does not have the first position on many of its EDAP loans.

    The company is planning to purchase a new machine for its wash line that will increase capacity while saving energy, said Nick Demuth of Avon Plastics. The plant also needs to add another production line for its synthetic decking. In all, expansion should total $1 million, said Demuth. The township board approved loaning up to $100,000 to Avon Plastics at four percent interest for five years. Avon Plastics was asking for $100,000 from EDAP, and the board left the amount open to allow the city to take part or half of the loan if the city so desires.

  • Board chairman Don Pietsch reported that he had initiated discussions for a new orderly annexation agreement with the city. The township and the city had an agreement, but all the properties have now been annexed to the city. A new agreement could insure that annexation be initiated by landowners, would compensate the township for lost taxes for a period of years after annexation, and would require the city to supply water and sewer to annexed property within a set period of time.

    The board discussed that a new agreement should contain a mechanism for adding property. Pietsch suggested that it be updated yearly, while supervisor Pat Meagher offered that a new piece of property could be added to the agreement whenever a piece is actually annexed. The future of Highway 23 will affect where annexation is likely to occur, Meagher noted.

  • The board discussed the levy increase proposal, which was presented, and passed, at the annual meeting the next night, and made no changes to the increase proposal. (See related story)

  • The board approved having the county check on the environmental quality of the former Paynesville Tractor Parts.

  • The board approved liquor licenses for Northern Lights and Koronis Hills Golf Course, pending the completion of the applications.

  • The board approved a preliminary plat for Brandon Lang, who is platting a single two-acre lot on 160th Street. Since the land is in R-5 zoning, the plat requires a 2.84-acre set aside in a wetland.

  • The board noted that the township's equalization hearing will be held on Thursday, April 17, at 2:30 p.m. Residents can call the township office at 320-243-7500 that morning from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. to make an appointment for the hearing.

    District #741 School Board

    The Paynesville Area School Board took the following actions at their meeting on Tuesday, March 11.

  • The board discussed the proposal for budget reductions presented by the administration in February. A group of elementary teachers attended the meeting, and their representatives addressed the board, noting the benefits of small class sizes. (See story here)

  • The board approved a three-year lease-to-purchase agreement for acquiring technology equipment, authorizing spending up to $30,000 per year for technology needs. So far, the district has identified about $73,000 in technology needs, including 53 eMacs for staff, 12 Dell computers (including three for food service), and various switches, hard drives, and other equipment.

    In the past the district has purchased technology in a piecemeal fashion, said board chairman Pat Flanders. The lease-to-purchase method allows the district to get all the equipment at once - thus having similar models allowing for easier service and the better stocking of parts - while spreading out the payments over three years.

    In three years, the district intends to place another order for the rest of its computer needs, getting it into a pattern of updating all its technology in a six-year cycle.

  • The board discussed the recent increase of rates for the fitness center. The board had passed a rate increase at its last meeting, but the matter was revisited. Flanders and board member Tami Stanger indicated that they were uncomfortable with the size of the increase and wondered if a smaller increase or other rate options might encourage more membership at the school-owned facility.

    Since the fitness center is operated by Community Education, it was decided that Flanders and Stanger should attend the next meeting of the advisory committee for Community Education to discuss options.

  • The board discussed developing a new job description for the building and grounds supervisor, since Lew Storkamp is retiring. A committee of board members Mark Dingmann, Deb Glenz, and Allen Schmidt, along with superintendent Howard Caldwell was appointed to develop a new job description.

  • The board approved the retirement of high school science teacher Steve Aagesen, effective at the end of the 2002-03 school year.

  • The board authorized the hiring of a replacement teacher for special education, due to the pending retirement of Kathy Olmscheid.

  • The board approved a resignation request from Todd Spanier as assistant golf coach and approved hiring him as a co-assistant track coach, along with Kyle Nehowig. The board also approved a resignation request from Ron Fuchs as assistant baseball coach and approved hiring him as the assistant golf coach.

  • The board approved a pro-rated contract for Karen Odberg as FLA advisor for the current school year.

  • The board approved rejoining the Southwest/West Central Service Cooperative for the 2003-04 school year. The district gets group health insurance through the cooperative.

    Paynesville City Council

    The Paynesville City Council took the following actions at their meeting on Wednesday, March 12.

  • The council approved an EDAP loan for Avon Plastics, Inc., agreeing to split the $100,000 loan 50-50 with Paynesville Township.

  • The council approved adopting the Minnesota state building code. The new code will require building permits for repairs such as shingling and replacing windows or siding as well as for new construction, additions, and remodeling.

    The council also approved a new contract with Mid Minnesota Development Commission to provide inspections and enforce the code and a change in the fee schedule for 2003, including $36.25 for permits for shingling, siding, or replacing windows or doors.

  • The council approved accepting a bid of $549,528 from Duinick Brothers, Inc., for construction of the Paynesville Regional Airport, contingent upon receiving a grant agreement from the state.

    The council also approved approaching Paynesville Township about annexing the new airport, which is owned by the city but is located in the township.

    The council also heard a verbal report from city engineer Pete Carlson, who has heard concerns from the North Fork Crow River Watershed District regarding stormwater runoff from the new airport. While ditches have been designed to alleviate any stormwater problems, watershed members are concerned that in the spring, when the ground is still frozen, water in the ditches won't be absorbed, Carlson said. Engineers will continue to explore ways to handle any stormwater problems.

  • The council approved advertising to hire a cable access station coordinator.

  • The council approved charging Paynesville Township $33,746 for police service for 2003. Under a contract between the city and the township, the township pays for police protection based on the amount of service provided the previous year.

    Council member Harlan Beek questioned whether the township should pay more for the service, based on population instead of past usage. The council agreed that this would be impossible now, as the current contract doesn't expire until 2007.

  • The council approved having one-year renewing terms for members of the EDAP board.

  • The council got its annual report about the Paynesville Area Health Care System from CEO Steve Moburg.

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