Blomker wins contested Eden Lake Township election

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 3/17/99.

Voters returned many incumbents to office after voting on March 9 in the annual township elections.

Eden Lake Township had the only major race at the polls. Challenger Conrad Blomker defeated incumbent Joe Gruenes 173-166. Other candidates on the ballot receiving votes were: Dottie Kimbler, 18, and Scott Vettleson, 3. Township treasurer Don Schlangen was re-elected with 344 votes.

Vettleson had withdrawn from the race prior to election day and lent his support to Blomker. Eden Lake Township topped the list for the most voters. They had a total of 364 voters cast ballots. "This was a good turnout," Anne Meyer, township clerk, said. In the 1998 election they had 240 voters cast ballots compared to 35 voters in 1997.

At their annual meeting held Tuesday night, March 9, they upped their budget levy from $255,000 to $280,000. They also discussed the zoning ordinance and reminded those attending that public hearings will be held sometime in the future to review the ordinance.

In Paynesville Township, a total of 115 votes were cast. John Atwood received 50 votes in a write-in campaign for the supervisor position held by Warren Nehring. However, Nehring received 60 votes to retain his seat. Township treasurer Sharon Wendroth received 113, and will serve another term.

At their annual meeting, the board and township residents present heard reports on the ice arena, airport, and hospital district.

The road and bridge levy and revenue budget were increased by $15,000 each.

In Lake Henry Township, a total of 70 votes were cast. Celestine Fischbach was re-elected to another term with 59 votes. It was discovered his challenger, Joe Pelzer, wasn't eligible to run for office because of his age. A candidate has to be 21 before they can file for an office. Pelzer will turn 21 in August. There were four write-ins for the supervisor position.

Incumbent treasurer Ray Loxtercamp was re-elected with 66 votes.

At the Lake Henry Township annual meeting, those present discussed separating the township from the city. At present, township residents can't vote on city issues but city residents can vote on township issues.

Ralph Klassen, township clerk, said they are collecting signatures on a petition to have the issue placed on the 2000 election ballot. "Only 50 signatures are required," Klassen added. Voters at the meeting approved leaving the budget the same as last year, $82,000.

In Irving Township, 17 voters cast ballots. Incumbent supervisor Dan Olson won re-election with 11 votes. Blair Hagen, a write-in received six. Running unopposed, treasurer Howard Powers received 17 votes.

At their annual meeting, the township budget was left the same as last year: road and bridge fund, $125,000; revenue fund, $10,000; and fire fund, $10,000.

The main topic of discussion at the annual meeting centered around the Green Lake sewer project. Irving Township has two miles of roadway in the project. The townships portion would amount to about $500,000.

In St. Martin Township, 15 voters cast ballots. Both incumbents, supervisor John Feldewerd and treasurer LeRoy Garding, were running unopposed and each received 15 votes. At their annual meeting, discussion centered around what roads needed reconstruction and maintenance work.

Voters at the meeting approved increasing the budget. The general fund went from $72,000 to $80,000 while the fire fund remained the same at $14,000.

In Manannah Township, 13 voters cast ballots. Incumbents Harold Kelm and Janine Shepersky both won re-election, receiving 13 votes each.

At their annual meeting, voters present approved leaving the budget the same: $10,000, general fund; $15,000 fire fund; and $75,000 road and bridge.

In Munson Township, 37 votes were cast. Winning re-election were incumbent supervisor Tom Gertken with 37 votes and incumbent treasurer Dick Behnen receiving 36 votes.

Paving township roads was discussed at the annual meeting. Voters present also approved increasing the budget $35,000 putting the final total at $225,000.

In Zion Township, 20 voters cast ballots returning the incumbents to office. Re-elected to another term were supervisor Richard Leyendecker with 20 votes and Carol Wegner, treasurer, 20 votes.

Those present at the annual meeting discussed road construction and approved increasing the budget to $137,000.

In Union Grove Township, only eight voters cast ballots. Incumbents received the total number cast. Supervisor Rick Thompson and treasurer LeRoy Thomsen, both received eight votes, to serve another term.

At their annual meeting, those present approved leaving the budget the same as last year: $10,500, general fund; $15,000 fire fund; and $65,000 road and bridge.

In Roseville Township, 27 votes were cast. Incumbent supervisor Bill Ryan received 25 votes and Leon Peterson, on a write-in, received two. Incumbent treasurer Terry Schaefer received 27 votes.

At their annual meeting, those present heard reports from Willie LaCroix, Paynesville Area Health Care admin-istrator, and Dennis Peterson, Kandiyohi County Commissioner.

A representative was also present from the New London-Spicer School District requesting funding assistance for their community education program. Some-one from the board will attend the March 25 community education meeting to learn more about the program and bring back information to the board, then a decision will be made regarding funding.

At present, five townships and the cities of New London and Spicer within the school district support the program and six townships contacted do not.

The board approved leaving the township budget the same as last year: revenue, $15,000; road and bridge, $48,000, and fire fund, $6,000.

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