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Paynesville Press - March 17, 2004

Townships approve levies at annual meetings

By Bonnie Jo Hanson and Michael Jacobson

Township levies Township residents approved tax levies for 2004 at their respective annual meetings last week.

Six local townships Eden Lake, Irving, Munson, Paynesville, St. Martin, and Union Grove increased their levies for 2004 at their annual meetings on Tuesday, March 9.

Eden Lake Township increased their levy the most, up $25,000. Eden Lake increased their levy by 7.35 percent, from $340,000 to $365,000, raising their levy for tarring by $11,500, for dragging by $9,500, and for snow removal by $4,000.

Union Grove Township increased their levy by $16,000, which was a 17.7 percent increase, from $90,500 to $106,500. Union Grove voters increased their road and bridge levy by $10,000, their revenue levy by $4,500, and their fire levy by $1,500.

Irving Township increased their levy by $15,000. This represents an 8.6 percent increase, from $175,000 to $190,000. Irving residents increased their road and bridge levy by $20,000 and increased their levy for community recreation (through the NL-S School District) by $300, while reducing their fire levy by $5,000 for a total increase of $15,300.

In Paynesville Township, voters unanimously approved a $10,000 levy increase, as recommended by the board of supervisors. With increased valuation in the township (from new construction), the township could have increased its levy by $11,500 without increasing tax rates to township residents.

Paynesville Township increased its revenue levy by $5,000 and its road and bridge levy by $5,000. The $10,000 increase is a 2.5 percent raise, from $390,000 to $400,000.

St. Martin Township also increased its levy by $10,000, all in the general fund. This represents an 8.5 percent increase in their levy, from $116,500 to $126,500.

Finally, Munson Township increased their levy by $3,000, levying that amount for a new building fund. This year Munson Township has built a new town hall, located on Co. Rd. 23 a mile north of Richmond. Future township meetings and elections will be held at the new town hall.

Other area townships Lake Henry, Manannah, Roseville, and Zion kept their levies the same for 2004. Lake Henry Township did make a small change, increasing their general fund levy by $2,000 and reducing their road and bridge by $2,000, keeping their levy the same at $82,000.

In other business at the annual meetings, Irving Township residents approved a $1,500 donation to recreation programs through NL-S Community Education; Zion Township residents approved a $750 donation to the Paynesville Area Center; and Roseville Township residents approved a policy change, the township will no longer provide culverts for free.

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