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Paynesville Press - March 17, 2004

Pietsch re-elected in Paynesville Township

By Michael Jacobson

Voters in Paynesville Township re-elected Don Pietsch (Pictured at left) to the board of supervisors and rejected a proposal to expand the board to five members during the annual township election on Tuesday, March 9.

Don Pietsch re-elected Pietsch defeated challenger David Kidd by a vote of 331-132 for another three-year term as supervisor. Pietsch has served on the board for six years, being elected in 1998 and re-elected in 2001, including four years as the board chair.

A ballot measure in Paynesville Township asked voters to decide if the board of supervisors should be expanded to five members. That measure failed by a vote of 269-194.

The election in Paynesville Town-ship attracted 465 voters, the most in Paynesville Township since 2001, when Pietsch was re-elected 289-271 with 560 total voters. Voter turnout in Paynesville Township this year was easily the largest in the area.

The next largest voter turnout last week was in Union Grove Township, which featured the only other contested race. In Union Grove Township, Robert Groshens was re-elected to the board of supervisors by a vote of 62-12 over challenger Don Kelm.

Pietsch, a retired school administrator, said he appreciated the support of the township citizens and was reassured that a majority of the residents favored a progressive township government and believed that the township is operating well. "We really feel the township is on good footing," he said.

During Pietsch's tenure on the board of supervisors, Paynesville Township has started curbside recycling, refinanced the Koronis Civic Arena, completed two road/trail projects (on Old Lake Road in 2001-02 and on Breezewood, Crestridge, and NW Koronis roads in 2003), erected 9-1-1 signs, revised its township zoning ordinance, built an oil recycling depot, and reached an orderly annexation agreement with the city of Paynesville. Pietsch shared credit for these advancements with the entire board of supervisors.

In other township elections, the incumbent clerks and supervisors were re-elected without opposition, including clerk Don Wiese in Paynesville Township.

The only newcomer elected to a township board was Robert Hemmesch in Zion Township. Hemmesch was elected supervisor, replacing former supervisor Tim Wegner, who did not refile for office. Supervisors will serve three-year terms; clerks serve two-year terms.

Eden Lake Township
Supervisor: Jon Schaumann, 48;
Clerk: Gerri Kadlec, 48.

Irving Township
Supervisor: Harlow Olson, 20;
Clerk: Donel Williamson, 21.

Lake Henry Township
Supervisor: Joel Roelike, 30;
Clerk: Ralph Klassen, 27.

Manannah Township
Supervisor: Steve Kraushaar, 16;
Clerk: Agnes Schmitz, 17.

Munson Township
Supervisor: Joe Willenbring, 40;
Write-ins, 5;
Clerk: Michelle Hemmesch, 45.

Paynesville Township
Supervisor: Don Pietsch, 331;
David Kidd, 132;
Other, 2;

Clerk: Don Wiese, 422;
Blank, 37; Write-in, 6.

Shall a five-member board of supervisors be adopted?
Yes, 194; No, 269; Blank, 2.

Roseville Township
Supervisor: Jim Schultz, 34; Write-in, 1;
Clerk: Patricia Fenske, 34.

St. Martin Township
Supervisor: Kenny Utsch, 11;
Clerk: Don Rausch, 11.

Union Grove Township
Supervisor: Robert Groshens, 62;
Don Kelm, 12;

Clerk: Loren Pearson, 72.

Zion Township
Supervisor: Robert Hemmesch, 23;
Clerk: Carolyn Reeck, 23.

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