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Paynesville Press - March 16, 2005

Eden Lake increases levy for tarring

By Michael Jacobson and Bonnie Jo Hanson

Residents of Eden Lake Town-ship approved increasing their levy for 2005 by $50,000, the largest increase among area townships.

The increase in Eden Lake Town-ship is designated for tarring township roads.

This year, only four local townships - Paynesville, Eden Lake, Roseville, and St. Martin - increased their levies for 2005. Last year, six local townships increased their levies for 2004.

Eden Lake Township, at $415,000, now has the largest levy of the ten townships in the Paynesville area. In 2005, Eden Lake Township will levy $151,000 for road and bridge, $101,500 for tarring (up from $51,500), $54,500 for revenue, $44,000 for fire, $34,000 for drag, and $30,000 for snow removal.

Eden Lake Township's levy passed Paynesville Township's levy for 2005. Paynesville Township increased its levy by only $7,000 this year. That increase is the amount that should be covered by increased valuation (new construction) in the township, meaning township tax rates should be the same as 2004. Paynesville Township increased their levy for revenue by $5,000 and their levy for road and bridge by $2,000.

Roseville Towhship increased its levy for road and bridge by $10,000 for 2005, from $63,000 to $73,000, raising its total levy from $84,000 to $94,000 for 2005.

St. Martin Township increased their levy by only $2,500 for 2005, increasing their levy for fire protection from $16,500 to $19,000, which raised their total levy from $126,500 to $129,000.

Union Grove Township kept their levy at $106,500, but they increased their levy for fire protection by $500 and decreased their levy for general revenue by $500.

Other townships in the Paynesville area - Irving, Lake Henry, Manannah, Munson, and Zion - kept their 2005 levies the same as 2004.

All township levies are put on property taxes in 2005, but townships do not receive the monies until 2006.


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