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Paynesville Press - March 16, 2005

Incumbents re-elected in township elections

All incumbents that ran in local township elections last week won re-election on Tuesday, March 8.

Four races in the Paynesville area were contested in the filings, and the supervisor race in Paynesville Township featured a write-in campaign. All townships elected a supervisor for a three-year term and a treasurer for a two-year term.

Voters in Lake Henry Township re-elected incumbents Celestine Fischbach for supervisor and Ray Loxtercamp for treasurer, defeating challengers Gary Olmscheid and Ray Nietfeld respectively. Fischbach defeated Olmscheid 44-38, and Loxtercamp defeated Nietfeld 59-23. In Roseville Township, Mike Flanders - who was appointed to the township board last summer - was elected to a full term, defeating challenger Allen Keller 77-22.

In Paynesville Township, incumbent Pat Meagher won re-election for a second three-year term as supervisor, defeating write-in candidate David Kidd 166-32. Paynesville Township has had write-in candidates in three of the past seven years (1999, 2000, and 2005). The supervisor election also was contested, in the filings, in 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004.

Also in Paynesville Township, Laura Lindeman was elected to her first full term as treasurer with 182 votes. She was appointed by the board to replace Sharon Wendroth as treasurer in December, after Wendroth resigned.

The only change to local township board occurred in Munson Township, where Gerard Gertken defeated Denis Hemmesch 80-52 in the race to replace former supervisor Tom Gertken, who did not refile.

Eden Lake Township
Supervisor: *Conrad Blomker, 39;
Treasurer: *Dennis Schlangen,43.

Irving Township
Supervisor: *Daniel Olson,19;
Treasurer: *Howard Powers, 18.

Lake Henry Township
Supervisor: *Celestine Fischbach, 44; Gary Olmscheid, 38;
Treasurer: *Ray Loxtercamp, 59; Ray Nietfeld; 23.

Manannah Township
Supervisor: *Harold Kelm, 25;
Treasurer: *Janine Shepersky, 26.

Munson Township
Supervisor: Gerard Gertken, 80; Denis Hemmesch, 52;
Treasurer: *Dick Behnen, 125.

Paynesville Township
Supervisor: *Pat Meagher, 166; David Kidd, 32;
Treasurer: *Laura Lindeman, 182.

Roseville Township
Supervisor: *Mike Flanders, 77; Allen Keller, 22;
Treasurer: *Terry Schaefer, 73.

St. Martin Township
Supervisor: *John Feldewerd, 11;
Treasurer: *LeRoy Garding, 11.

Union Grove Township
Supervisor: *Rick Thompson, 18;
Treasurer: *Jeff Johnson, 18.

Zion Township
Supervisor: *Richard Leyendecker, 20;
Treasurer: *Carol Wegner, 21.

*Denotes an incumbent.

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