Middle school announces
March Students of the Month

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 3/15/00.

March Students of the Month The March Students of the Month were announced for the Paynesville Area Middle School recently.

The students are selected on the basis of their grades, class participation, and how they get along with their classmates.

Students being recognized are: (bottom row) sixth grade, Jessica Leyendecker and Josh Hellerman; (center) seventh grade, Stacy Lahr and Greg Person; (top row) eighth grade, Mindy Hunter and Scott Millner.

Jessica Leyendecker is the daughter of Paul and Cathy Larson. According to her teachers, Jessica is a hard working student, polite, and a high achiever.

Jessica participates in speech and the book club. Her interests are reading, collecting coins, and animals.

Jessica feels good about winning the award. "I always hand in my work sheets," she said.

Josh Hellerman is the son of Alver and Darlene Hellerman. According to his teachers, Josh is hard working and displays high potential. Toward his fellow students, he is considerate and friendly.

John enjoys playing baseball, football, and soccer.

He has a good feeling about winning this award. "I work at getting better grades," Josh said.

Stacy Lahr is the daughter of Tom and Jill Lahr. According to her teachers, she does quality work and puts forth good effort in class. Stacy is friendly and polite, respectful of others, and demonstrates maturity.

Stacy is a member of the seventh and eighth grade choir and gymnastics team. She collects Canadian coins and enjoys traveling and hair dressing.

"I'm pretty proud and surprised to win this award," Stacy said.

Greg Person is the son of Scott and Beth Person. According to his teachers, Greg is independent, friendly and out-going, and interacts well with others. He also participates in class and puts forth a good effort in all he does.

Greg is a member of the seventh grade basketball, football, and baseball teams. His interests include attending sporting events, having friends over, and watching wrestling.

"I was very surprised to win this award," Greg said. "I probably won because I have been working very hard in all my classes."

Mindy Hunter is the daughter of Chuck and Renee Hunter. According to her teachers, Mindy works hard to improve her grades, is friendly, and is working toward her potential.

Mindy is a member of the eighth grade choir and enjoys watching football.

"I was surprised to win this award," Mindy said. "I feel I won the award because of my hard work and great effort in classes."

Scott Millner is the son of Don and Mary Millner. According to his teachers, Scott is quiet, intelligent, and has a quick wit.

Scott is a member of the chess club, knowledge bowl team, and eighth grade band. His interests are computers, physics, electronics, basketball, and football.

"I feel honored to win this award," Scott said. "I probably won this award because I'm good in academics, school performance, school work, and persistence."

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