Organizer named honorary dairy princess

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 3/14/01.

Corrine Lieser Corrine Lieser has been a driving force behind the Stearns County Dairy Princess contest for nine years. On Saturday, March 3, Lieser became an honorary Stearns County Dairy Princess. "I was speechless. The honor took me totally by surprise. It was a nice feeling knowing I was appreciated," she said.

This was Lieser's last year working with the contestants and planning the coronation.

Lieser started working with the dairy princess contest in 1993 when she and her husband, Gary, were elected to the Stearns County American Dairy Association (ADA) board.

The Liesers had four boys participating in school activities, the farm work, along with the committees they belonged to, which kept them busy. Lieser said, "We didn't know if we would find the time to get involved in the ADA. We didn't know much about the group."

Lieser said little did she know how the dairy princess contest would change her life. "The contest gave me a chance to work with girls," she said. "I have met, gotten to know, and formed friendships with people from all over the state," she added. Lieser has served seven of the nine years as chairperson on the local level and secretary for the regional board.

In the nine years she has worked with the contest, there have been 173 girls compete for Stearns County Dairy Princess, and 87 have won titles to advance to the region level.

She tries to ease the tension for the girls by breaking the ice at social gatherings with humor, and hugs to help them over-come the anxiety of the moment. "I always tell them no matter what the outcome, they are all winners for taking time to enter the contest. I guess I make a connection with many of the girls, because we keep in touch even after their reign is over. They have been a great joy in my life, and I can truly say I love them all," Lieser said.

Lieser recently served as a judge at the Todd County Dairy Princess contest and will be an emcee at the Benton County contest.

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