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Paynesville Press - March 13, 2002

Science students study rides at the Mall of America

Science class On Wednesday, Feb. 20, two dozen students from Paynesville Area High School had the opportunity to journey to the Mall of America for their science lessons.

Students in physics and principals of technology conquered the complex physics of Camp Snoopy using intricate equations and time-consuming methods. The participants used science to examine the indoor amusement park, finding how high the rides are using trigonometry and what the accelerations are using physics.

After racking their minds for hours on the ways the rides work, the students took a break to eat and shop.

Participating students were: Jessica Andrie, Travis Atkinson, Bob Bartell, Laurie Barten, Ryan Glenz, Jen Gully, Jen Hess, Christina Hittle, Nathan Johnson, Rachel Koehn, Erick Larson, Kevin Leo, Jason Leyendecker, Clinton Ness, Jake Nyffeler, Dan Pearson, Josh Price, Jesse Rien, Heather Roos, Adam Schaefer, Neil Symanietz, Scott Thompson, Steph Thomsen, and Joel Younkin.

Chaperones were science teacher Jay Thompson and Rev. Ric Koehn.

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