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Paynesville Press - March 13, 2002

Children's theater to present spoof of Snow White

By Michael Jacobson

Danceline Three dozen students in grades K-10 of the Paynesville Public Schools will present the play, The True Story of Snow White?, in the auditorium at the high school on Friday and Saturday this week.

On Friday night, the play will be at 7 p.m., and on Saturday the play will be at 1:30 p.m.

Members of the junior Pirouette danceline are (front to back) Baylee Lahr, Rachel McCloud (hidden), Amelia Malling, Paige Schmitt, Gina Coakley, Ivy Nelson, Leah Wander, and Anna Currens.

The children's mini theater, which is being staged again through Community Education, has relied for years on professional actors for the script, costumes, and lead actors. This year, the production is all local, with directors Colleen Pelton and Sue Teicher writing the script as well as directing the play.

The story, called The True Story of Snow White?, is a spoof of the traditional children's tale. In addition to the well-known characters of the evil queen, Snow White, and the seven dwarfs (who are on strike against the queen), the play features Santa Claus and his reindeer, a junior danceline, Old MacDonald and his barnyard animals, and a group of cowboys and cowgirls.

Each cast member has at least one speaking line and also takes part in at least one dance or song.

Admission to the play is $3 for adults, $1 for students, and free for preschoolers.

Cast of Characters
Santa Claus: Jonathan Person
Rudolph: Jessica Leverington
Dasher: Spencer Syvertson
Dancer: Anna Currens
Comet: Danielle Liebl
Cupid: Brianna Temple
Donder: Emma Mogard
Blitzen: Chelsea Kilanowski
Junior Pirouettes: Anna Currens, Leah Wander, Ivy Nelson, Gina Coakley, Paige Schmitt, Amelia Malling, Rachel McCloud, and Baylee Lee
Old MacDonald: Ezra Thompson
Horse: Ethan Brown
Cow: Paige Schmitt
Dog: Luke Leverington
Cat: Danielle Liebl
Lamb: Jackie Jo Skoglund
Pig: Rachel McCloud
Cowboys/Cowgirls: Mason Marshall, Ezra Thompson, Kellen Andersen, Brianna Temple, Jessica Leverington, Jackie Jo Skoglund, and Ethan Brown
Storytellers: Tarin Beireis, Lindsey Pelton, and Amanda Halvorson
Snow White: Kaitlin Burlingame
Prince: Ted Hoffman
Queen: Sami Tierney
Mirror: Peter Schreifels
Happy: Tanis Beireis
Nosey: Jackie Berg
Grumpy: Greg Person
Blushing: Paula Albachten
Drowsy: Jayna Flanders
Donkey: Karla Leitzman
Ralph: Ariel Jones
Directors: Sue Teicher and Colleen Pelton

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