Babysitting clinic trains kids for job

This article submitted by Stephanie Everson on 03/11/97.

The babysitting clinic, offered through Paynesville Community Education, has been teaching girls and boys, 11 years and older, to be more qualified and responsible babysitters. Mary Mackedanz, Red Cross certified and Head Start teacher, has been helping the 29 students improve their babysitting skills and services.

Topics discussed have included babysitting responsibilities, first aid, safety measures, and what to do in an emergency, with representatives from law enforcement, the emergency care system, and the fire department as guest speakers.

Students who complete the two week course will be Red Cross certified and, with parent's approval, may be put on a list of certified babysitters that will be distributed to area churches. Copies will also be available in the Community Education Office.

"The kids have been just super," said Mackedanz. "They like to participate and aren't over rambunctious." Mackedanz wasn't prepared for as many students as came. "I went home the first night and revamped my whole program." She's been thankful for the help she's received from Gretchen O'Fallon and the Paynesville police and fire departments.

Sarah Massmann, daughter of Larry and Dorothy Massmann said, "I like the babysitting clinic because I like kids, and I can see if I'm taking care of them right."

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