Local auctioneer holds 4th horse auction

This article submitted by Stephanie Everson on 03/11/97.

Col. Dan Winter's fourth annual spring horse sale and auction was held last Saturday and Sunday at the Central Livestock Market, located one mile south of I-94 through Albany.

Saturday featured primarily cowboy collectibles, various cast iron toys and other items, antiques, saddles, harnesses, and other miscellaneous. Some of the various items included an old two seater buggy with pole, a wooden buck board with sleigh runners, a miniature John Deere wagon, a Bonnie Allen saddle in mint condition, spurs, straps, cowboy cuffs and old chaps, a Singer leather machine in good condition, several heather antique tools, an old child's peddle car, and a bath tub.

Sunday's auction began with a stallion show followed by catalog horses, mules, and teams. Around 12:30 p.m. the more expensive horses were sold, some for upwards of $3000. More than 100 horses were sold. Thirteen various individual exhibitors had booths set up around the barns on both days.

The event had a good turnout, with some buyers coming from out-of-state.

On Sunday, Sept. 21, the fall horse sale will be held, and the fifth annual auction will take place March 14 and 15, 1998.

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