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Paynesville Press - March 15, 2006

Sixth graders to present mini-musical

By Michael Jacobson

The PAMS Sixth Grade Choir will present the mini-musical, "Get in the Game," on Monday, March 20, at 7:30 p.m. in the school auditorium.

Sixth grade mini-musical The half-hour mini-musical's topic is sports, with seven songs with sports themes: "Get in the Game," "Havin' a Ball," "Bowling Down Memory Lanes," "You Gotta Use Your Head," "At the Country Club with Tiger Woods," "Catchin' Some Air," and "I'm a Champion."

The PAMS Sixth Grade Choir was rehearsing last week for their mini-musical "Get in the Game."

The 28 choir members began practicing the mini-musical in mid-December and have continued throughout the winter.

Director Cheryl Bungum meets with the sixth grade boys for 20 minutes on Mondays, with the boys and girls for 20 minutes on Wednesdays, and with the sixth grade girls for 20 minutes on Fridays.

Monday, March 20, 7:30 p.m.

The PAMS Sixth Grade Choir will present the musical, "Get in the Game," on Monday, March 20, at 7:30 p.m. in the school auditorium. Admission is free.

Cast of Characters
Get in the Game Introducer: Chloe Flannigan
Announcer: Dominick Platow
Kids: Weston Brinkman, Tabitha Beck, Devon Savage, Austin Mackedanz, Jackie Wisted, Amanda Fenske, Jessica Solum, and Jessica Stransky
Joey: Reno Nichols
Country Caller: Chloe Flannigan
Baseball Team: Devon Savage, Tyler Cromwell, Zach Dingmann, Nick Hemmesch, Reno Nichols, and Matthew Anderson
Football Team: Austin Mackedanz, Megan Ludwig, Dominick Platow, Anthony Poepping, Jeremy Schultz, Jessica Solum, Reno Nichols, and Trey Stanger
Mr. Baxter: Josh Bungum
Judy: Tiffany Krupke
Bowlers: Gabrielle Johnson, Jessica Stransky, Anthony Poepping, Ben Youngs, and Devon Savage
Soccer Players: Austin Mackedanz, Anthony Poepping, Ben Youngs, and Tyler Cromwell
Snobby Golfer: Matthew Anderson
Golfers: Zach Dingmann, Ben Youngs, Tyler Cromwell, and Melaina Mrozek
Jeeves the Caddie: Dan Christenson
Skateboarders and Rollerbladers: Gabrielle Johnson, Ben Youngs, Jackie Wisted, Trey Stanger, and Zach Dingmann
Soloists: Amanda Fenske, Andrea Schlangen, Tiffany Krupke, Reno Nichols, Josh Bungum, Trey Stanger, Jessica Stransky, Dominick Platow, Breanna Hess, Nycole Braun, and Megan Ludwig
Speaking Solos: Andrea Schlangen, Breanna Hess, Tyler Cromwell, Nick Hemmesch, Austin Mackedanz, Jeremy Schultz, Reno Nichols, Josh Bungum, Amanda Fenske, Tiffany Krupke, Nycole Braun, Jessica Solum, and Zach Dingmann

Director: Cheryl Bungum

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