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Paynesville Press - March 9, 2005

Library offers downloadable audiobooks

Beginning in March, booklovers can download audiobooks in the comfort of their homes by using the Great River Regional Library's website

Users of this service will need to set up a NetLibrary account at a branch of the Great River Regional Library, including the Paynesville Public Library at 119 Washburne Avenue. Users then can download up to six audiobooks in a three-week period from the NetLibrary site, which currently has 500 titles.

A 10-hour audiobook will take approximately 15 minutes to download with a fast modem connection and longer with slower connections. Once the audiobook is downloaded onto a home computer (using Windows Media Player (version 10), Music Match, or Nullsoft Winamp 5), the file can be transferred to a portable MP3 player. (Note: Apple's iPod doesn't work with the current software.)

The benefit to the library of this new service is being able to allow more users to access its material.

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