Paynesville Townships works with the county on zoning

This article submitted by Michael Jacobson on 3/8/00.

The supervisors of Paynesville Township continue to work with the county on finalizing the zoning map for the township. The county wants to have its zoning plan in place by April.

Paynesville Township supervisors spent Monday, Feb. 28, working with Stearns County Environmental Services on ironing out details on the proposed zoning. That night, the board held its only meeting for the month of February.

One of the goals of the zoning plan is to protect areas in the county for agriculture. At issue in Paynesville Township is how much residential density is appropriate. Homes around Lake Koronis have increased in recent years, and with the land in the city of Paynesville limited, more residential developments may mushroom around it.

Until the new zoning is finalized, the county has a moratorium on platting new lots.

Other business
• The township board discussed providing some compensation for a trail coordinator for the proposed pedestrian trail around Lake Koronis. So far, the project is being coordinated on a volunteer basis by Paul Osborne of the Paynesville Area Jaycees, who has wanted someone who can dedicate more time to take charge of the project.

The township board considered paying a per diem for meetings and mileage to a willing coordinator. The township officers have had contact with Jeff Bertram about coordinating the project.

• Paynesville Township will have its annual elections at the township offices located on the south side of the Koronis Civic Arena on Tuesday, March 14, from noon to 8 p.m. Up for election are incumbent supervisor Johnnie Olson and clerk Don Wiese.

The township's annual meeting will be held at 8 p.m. that same day. The agenda for the meeting includes updates on the airport, the proposed trail around Lake Koronis, the hospital district, and the Koronis Civic Arena.

• The township received word from the Koronis Lake Association that they will pay a third of the costs on the four storm sewer projects completed in the township last fall.

• The council hired Bruce Younkin as a part-time snowplow operator.

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