Impasse remains between school and airport

This article submitted by Michael Jacobson on 3/07/01.

Members of the Paynesville Area School Board, the Paynesville Regional Airport Commission, and the Airport Zoning Board met for two hours at city hall on Monday, March 5, in an effort to settle their differences on the proposed zoning ordinance for a new airport.

The school board passed a resolution last month that stated their opposition to the zoning ordinance, which places restrictions on the southern section of their property. This area, presently the agricultural plots and the driving range, which the school leases to the golf club, would not be available for building.

This wrecks the school's long-term plan of building a new elementary school at that site, the school board members told the airport committees.

The three boards met for two hours, clarifying their positions, and asking questions, but no compromise solution emerged.

The groups did establish an ad-hoc committee to meet and discuss possible solutions to the impasse. Representing the airport commission will be Dave Peschong, the zoning board Phil Bailey, and the school board Dan Andersen. (A complete recap of the meeting will appear in next week's Press.)

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