Hospital board approves new medical staff

This article submitted by Stephanie Everson on 03/04/97.

Members of the Paynesville Area Health Care System's board of directors met last Wednesday for their monthly board meeting. Among the evening's business was the possible addition to the Paynesville Area Health Care System of the Richmond Medical Clinic, the acquisition of a new bone density machine, recruitment of a new physician, and the completion of Dr. Timothy Malling's provisional period, as well as the addition of Dr. Keith Leavell to the hospital's consulting staff.

Drs. Zimmerman and Solum will meet with the Richmond City Council on April 30, to extend the option of the Richmond Medical Clinic joining the Paynesville Area Health Care System. Willie LaCroix is working out a program proposition which will be ready for the city council's approval on April 30. Drs.
Zimmerman and Solum strongly feel the volume is there, and will extend the invitation to the Richmond City Council.

The aquisition of a bone density machine was approved in the capital budget and will arrive at the Paynesville Community Hospital in a couple weeks. The machine is commonly used in the care of female patients in determining the threat of osteoperosis. Dr. Julie Youngs, who has worked considerably with female medicine, will do the initial interpretation. ďThis will be a great asset to our hospital,Ē added Administrator Willie LaCroix.

With Dr. Ernie Aulick considering retirement after 40 years of service with the hospital, the board approved to take on an internist. A contract has been sent to Dr. Randy Nelson. He is expecting to begin by August 1 of this year.

With the additional care Dr. Nelson will provide, the hospital will be able to serve 12 to 15 more patients per year. Referring to the aquisition of the new internist, Dr. Roger Dreyling commented, ďthis is a positive move. I can visualize working with him. It's a first step in expanding beyond family practice.Ē

The board approved granting consulting medical staff privileges to Dr. Keith Leavell, pulmonologist.

They also approved the completion of Dr. Timothy Malling's provisional period. He'll continue on as a permanent member of Paynesville Area Health Care System's medical staff. ďDr. Malling has done a wonderful job," said Admin- istrator LaCroix.

It was decided that at least one member of the board would be in attendance at every PAHCS town- ship meeting. ďTownspeople really appreciate the attendance of board members at their meetings," Chairman Don Thomes said.

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