Soil Service adds new employee

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 3/3/98.

Chad Funk, New Munich, joined the staff at the Paynesville Soil Service in December.

A December graduate of Southwest State University, Marshall, Funk did his internship in Paynesville. He has an ag business degree.

ďThey asked at the end of my internship if I would be interested in coming back after graduation. I was hoping I could find a job close to home and things worked out pretty good,Ē Funk said.

ďIíll be working with Bill DeBruyckere learning the area and working toward my Crop Production Specialist certification,Ē Funk said.

In the spring, Funk will be working with DeBruyckere to scout area fields for weeds. ďWe then let the men running the sprayer know what type of weeds are present in the fields, the

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