Road restrictions take effect Wednesday, March 3

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 3/2/99.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation advises tractor-trailer operators that the spring truck axle weight limitations on selected state trunk highways in central Minnesota go into effect at 12:01 today, March 3.

Restrictions in all zones will remain in effect for eight weeks from the start date. Signs indicating the restricted weight limit will be posted at the boundaries of the affected highways.

Locally, central zone trunk highways in MnDOT District 3 restricted to seven tons maximum on any axle include: Highway 22 from Richmond to Eden Valley in Stearns County.

Starting and ending dates as well as changes or corrections in the weight postings will be provided through information on the Internet and on a taped message through the toll free phone number.

These resources will be updated as soon as changes and dates become known. Information is available 24 hours a day on the Internet at: http://; and by calling toll free in the U.S.A. and Canada at 1-800-723-6543 or 651-406-4701.

Stearns County weight restrictions
Posted axle weight limits control vehicle weights on posted roads in Stearns County. All county highways not posted are automatically five-ton highways.

All restriction limits are gross axle weights. No overweight permits will be issued to vehicles that exceed the posted limits. Restrictions will remain in effect until further notice.

Maps showing the load limits on the various county roads are available at the Stearns County Public Works Building located at 455 28th Ave. South, Waite Park, Minn.

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