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Paynesville Press - March 1, 2006

Local precinct caucuses
to be held on Tuesday, March 7

By Michael Jacobson

Precinct caucuses will be held statewide on Tuesday, March 7, for the purpose of electing delegates to party endorsement conventions, electing local leaders, discussing issues and possibly submitting resolutions for the party platform, and taking straw ballots on gubernatorial candidates. Caucus registration starts at 6:30 p.m. with the meeting starting at 7 p.m.

DFLers in the city of Paynesville and Paynesville Township will meet in the seminar room at Paynesville Area High School for the precinct caucus; and Republicans from the city and township will meet at Paynesville Area Elementary School.

Republican caucus sites are:
*EV-W High School (Eden Valley): city of Eden Valley; Manannah Township; Union Grove Township;

*Lake Henry Fire Hall: city of Lake Henry; Lake Henry Township; city of St. Martin; St. Martin Township; city of Spring Hill; Spring Hill Township;

*New London-Spicer High School: Irving Township; city of Regal; Roseville Township;

*Paynesville Area Elementary School: Eden Lake Township; city of Paynesville; Paynesville Township; Zion Township;

*Richmond Elementary School: Munson Township; and city of Roscoe.

DFL precinct caucus sites are:
*ACGC High School (Grove City): Manannah Township; and Union Grove Township;

*Albany High School: city of St. Martin; and St. Martin Township;

*BBE High School (Belgrade): city of Lake Henry; and Lake Henry Township;

*Colfax Township Hall (25490 Fifth Street, New London): city of Regal; and Roseville Township;

*EV-W High School (Eden Valley): Eden Lake Township; and city of Eden Valley;

*Melrose High School: city of Spring Hill; and Spring Hill Township;

*Paynesville Area High School: city of Paynesville; Paynesville Township; city of Roscoe; and Zion Township;

*Prairie Woods Elementary School (New London): Irving Township;

*Richmond Elementary School: Munson Township.

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