City advertises for two new wells

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 3/1/00.

The Paynesville City Council authorized Pete Carlson, city engineer, to advertise for bids for two new city wells at their Wednesday night meeting.

Carlson explained to the council where the wells will be located and the size of the water mains. The two items, wells and water mains, will be bid separately.

Well eight will be located on the south side of Highway 55 behind Acclaimed Furniture and Gottwald Electric. The new well will be able to pump about 1,000 gallons per minute.

"Well eight will be the workhorse of all the city wells," Carlson said.

Well seven will be located on the eastern edge of Paynesville, south of the existing wells. This well is smaller. It is expected to pump 500 gallons of water per minute.

The water mains will follow existing easements along Highway 55, 124, and County Road 34 to the water treatment plant. Carlson has talked with the Minnesota Department of Transportation about boring under the highways. There will also be four hydrants located along the route. The hydrants will be used to release air pockets from the water mains.

Estimated cost of the entire project is approximately $720,000. The two wells will cost about $232,000.

The city has an agreement with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) for $500,000 to help cover costs of the new wells. Carlson said he met with the MPCA and asked if they could reapply for more funds to help cover the costs of the water mains to the treatment plant.

When the first agreement was made, the MPCA was under the impression the two new wells would be in the same area. Since that time, it was agreed the two wells should be in different areas of town to avoid future contamination.

"We feel splitting the wells is the best solution," Carlson said. "I feel I got a favorable response from the MPCA concerning additional funding."

The bids will be opened on March 28. The council will consider the bids at its April 12 meeting.

The city of Paynesville was forced to look at the option of drilling new wells after two wells were found contaminated with benzene in 1998.

Frontage road
The council approved the facility report for the Second Street Frontage Road. The road will connect Hudson Street to Maple Street near the Paynesville Lutheran Church.

The project will include construction of a 32 foot-wide street with curb and gutter on the north side of Highway 55.

"We are constructing the street so the water will drain toward the storm sewer on Hudson Street. This will save the city $23,000," Carlson told the council.

The council has an agreement with MnDOT to give up access rights to a access near Aldon Park which goes up the road ditch.

"Cost of the project is about $78,000. With MnDOT funding $50,000, that leaves about $28,000 for the city to cover," Carlson said. "There is a lot of potential for getting costs down on this project. By making a change order, the project can be added to the 2000 Street Project this summer."

Carlson added this is relatively a small project and he hated to see the city borrow money to cover its expense.

A public hearing on the project will be held on April 12 at 7 p.m.

Other business
•The council recognized Tom Koshiol and the Crow River Nature Park Trail Guards for the work they have done at the nature park. The trail guards was started in 1992. Since that time about 128 kids have been involved with the park.

•The council approved a gambling permit for the Paynesville Sportsmen's Club.

•The council approved Dennis Wilde, city administrator, permission to serve as the region three vice president for the Minnesota Clerks and Finance Officers Association.

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