Jans will provide financial planning services

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 2/23/99.

Stephen Jans, Sartell, is working as a financial advisor/retirement planning consultant with Craig Heitke.

A graduate of St. Cloud State University, Jans has been coming to Paynesville twice a week for about three months. He has worked with Heitke about a year. A native of Windom, he had worked with Prudential in their financial planning division four years. ďI enjoy meeting and helping people plan and achieve their retirement goals. The work is very satisfying,Ē Jans said.

Jans represents about 50 different companies across the nation. He learns from his clients what their goals are, then talks with the companies to put together the most competitive package he can for the client.

ďWhen I first meet my clients, I donít talk finances, but about their families and interests. I want to develop a good relationship with people,Ē Jans said. ďI look forward to getting back to a small town atmosphere.Ē

In preparing a retirement plan for a couple, Jans does an analysis from information he gathers from general information, looks at their survivor needs, income protection, education funding (if children still at home), retirement needs, mortgage considerations, investments, pension distribution, and estate preservation.

Jans is no stranger to the Paynesville area as he is a cousin to Rick and Robin Spaeth and David and Becky Christenson. While in college, he worked summers with Rick Spaeth.

Jans can be reached at Cliffís Insurance, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and on other days by appointment.

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