Representative is winning word for Max Meagher

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 2/17/98.

Spell nourishing....clarity...flurries... absolutely.... dwindled....orator....

Twenty-four Paynesville Area Middle School students competed in the annual spelling bee on Friday, Feb. 13.

Each grade level had spell downs in their various classes, selecting their top spellers to the spelling bee on Thursday afternoon.

Bob Bowden was the announcer, carefully pronouncing each word for the students. Judges for the event were Marilyn McCollar and Connie Wimmer.

One word which eliminated many of the contestants was orator; the final word, which decided the winner, was representative.

Eighth grader Max Meagher won the spelling bee and the right to advance to the next round of competition on Saturday, March 7, at St. Johnís University. Earning second place honors was Chris Kern. Ashley Hoglund placed third.

Students competing in the contest were:
Eighth graders: Max Meagher, Heather Roos, Jon Schefers, Miranda Bundy, Scott Thompson, Jake Nyffler, Maria Janotta, and Ryan Whitcomb.

Seventh graders: Kelly Schultz, Riley Flanders, Chris Kern, Chris Fuchs, Kevin Leo, Clinton Ness, Will Ray, and Amy Van Rosky.

Sixth graders: Rachel Hanson, Holly Bennett, Jordan Haag, Peggy Thompson, Adam Ingalsbe, Peter Schreifels, Ashley Hoglund, and David Butler.

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