Flanders replaces Fleck as school board chairman

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 2/17/98.

With the resignation of Larry Fleck as a board member, a new chairman was needed to head the board.

At the Paynesville Area School Board meeting Tuesday afternoon, Pat Flanders, vice-chair, was appointed the new board chairman and Lowell Haagenson, was elected the new vice-chair. Dean Hanson was named as Fleckís replacement on the board until the next election.

ďIn July the board will once again reorganize,Ē Superintendent Howard Caldwell told the board. ďAt that time, I would recommend the board officers be selected until January of 2000. The next board election isnít until November of 1999,Ē he added.

In other business:
• The board approved a proposal from Frieler, Habben and Company to do the fiscal 1998 school district financial audit at a cost of $5,200.

• The board approved an adjustment in the adult computer, equipment, and Internet usage form. ďThere was some concern with the original form. This form states users should assume that files stored on district file servers are not private. The school equipment isnít meant for personal use,Ē Caldwell said.

ďIt is school property. However, we are not going to be looking over their shoulder. All we want is for personnel to understand the policy. If they donít they shouldnít be afraid to ask questions,Ē Flanders added.

• The board approved adopting the 1997-98 staff seniority list. Staff members with the district more than 30 years are: Richard Butler, 38; James Elseth and Virg Vagle, 33; Steve Sullivan, 31; Richard Deegan and Diane Nelson, 30.

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