Middle school announces
February Students of the Month

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 2/16/00.

Students of the Month Six students were recognized in the Paynesville Area Middle School as February's Students of the Month.

Students selected were: sixth grade: (bottom row) Katie Schlick and Tom Chevalier; seventh grade: (middle row) James Jansen and Erin Loesch; and eighth grade: (top row) Callie Frieler and Brandon O'der.

Katie is the daughter of Joe and Mary Jo Schlick. According to her teachers Katie is a conscientious student. She makes interesting contributions to her classes. Katie is thoughtful, considerate of others and is doing an excellent job in speech.

Katie is a member of the sixth grade band, choir, and middle school speech team. Among her interests are collecting knickknacks, and hanging out with her friends.

"I feel honored to win the award," Katie said. "I paid attention in class."

Tom is the son of Steve and Ginny Chevalier. According to his teachers, Tom is a hard worker and is genuinely nice to everyone around him.

Tom is a member of the sixth grade band. His interests include playing his trumpet, football, baseball, and Nintendo 64. "I am proud of this award," Tom said. "I have no idea about how I won the award, though."

Erin is the daughter of Mary and Steve Loesch. According to her teachers, Erin is hard working and a dedicated student. Erin is friendly, polite, and responsible. She is a member of the seventh grade basketball and softball teams. Sports are her number one interest.

"I'm very happy to win this award," Erin said. "I worked hard in my classes."

James is the son of Jerald and Freda Jansen. According to his teachers, James is a considerate and friendly student. He is also hard working. James is a member of the middle school wrestling, football, and baseball teams. He enjoys collecting cards, riding in a semi with his brother, and driving a four-wheeler.

"I'm excited and glad to win the award," James said. "My grades are good."

Callie is the daughter of Steve and Jane Frieler. According to her teachers, Callie is a thoughtful and responsible student. She works hard to improve herself.

Callie is a member of the eighth grade band and middle school track team. Her interests include roller blading and playing volleyball. "I was surprised to win the award," Callie said. "My grades have been better."

Brandon is the son of Kevin and Karen Rung. According to his teachers, Brandon's grades are improving. He is maturing and putting forth a better effort in school.

Brandon enjoys playing basketball, football, and biking.

"I feel good about winning the award," he said. "I've been doing better in class."

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