Students of the Month named for February

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 2/14/01.

February Students of the Month Students of the Month for February were named last week at Paynesville Area Middle School.

The students were selected by teachers for their class participation and how well they get along with each other.

Selected were: sixth graders Kacy Nehowig and Bryce Fischbach (back); seventh graders Allyson Klenke and Mark Andrie (middle); and eighth graders Zach Bahner and Laura Buermann (front).

Kacy is the daughter of Deb and Kyle Nehowig. Her teachers state she is a polite student, a hard worker, and considerate.

Kacy's interests are gymnastics, track, and cross country.

"I feel great, happy, and very surprised to win the award," said Kacy.

Bryce is the son of Michelle and Scott Fischbach. According to his teachers, Bryce is a thoughtful and hard working student. He puts forth a strong effort in class.

Bryce is a member of the sixth grade choir. His interests are tennis, Legos, and surfing on the Internet.

Bryce feels he earned the honor because the teachers like him and because he behaves in class.

Allyson is the daughter of Denice and Jim Beckstrand. Her teachers feel she is hard working and a good student. She is also friendly and considerate toward others.

Allyson is a member of the seventh grade basketball team and choir. She likes to play basketball and hang out with her friends.

Allyson said she was happy to earn the honor. "I receive good grades and get my homework done," Allyson said.

Mark is the son of DuDonne and Jim Andrie. His teachers state Mark is a good student, hard working, responsible, and friendly.

Mark is a member of the seventh grade football, basketball, and baseball team, and plays in the band. He is a sports fan.

"I'm glad I won the honor," he said, "Because I try to do good in school."

Laura is the daughter of Alan and Lynn Buermann. According to her teachers Laura has an upbeat personality and is hard working.

Laura is a member of the eighth grade volleyball and softball teams and sings in the choir. Her favorite sport is softball.

Laura feels she earned the honor because she works hard in school.

Zach is the son of Cindy and Jim Bahner. His teachers say Zach is considerate, works hard, and has a pleasant personality.

He was a member of the eighth grade football team. He likes basketball and music.

Zach was a little surprised to receive the honor. "I try hard in school," he said.

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