Lindquist win UN Pilgrimage trip

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 2/11/97.

The Paynesville Odd Fellows and Rebekahs held their annual contest to sponsor a junior on a United Nations Pilgrimage for Youth trip.

Only three juniors submitted entries for the contest: Jennifer Lindquist, Donita Olson and Tim Lieser. Judging the oral portion and essays were Evert and Kathryn Hantges, Litchfield, and Frank Mott, Hutchinson.

Each of the contestants answered four questions: describe the United Nations involvement in a current world affair; list topics of discussion that you prepared and publicly presented in the last year; describe your involvement in church, civic and community affairs and tell why you would like to participate in the program.

Winning the local contest is Jennifer Lindquist, daughter of Tom and Katy Lindquist. The U.N. Pilgrimage is the week of June 13 to 27.

Donita Olson, daughter of Dan and Juanita Olson, Paynesville, and Tim Lieser, son of Gary and Corrine Lieser, Belgrade, will advance to jurdisdictional competition on March 2 in Hutchinson for the right to win a trip sponsored by another chapter.

In her essay as to why she would like to participate, Lindquist writes:
ďThere are few opportunities for students like myself to experience through sight and touch the places which we read and hear so much about. These places, such as the U.N., are far removed from the line of sight of our small Minnesota town. This is a shame, but the extra work needed to achieve the experience makes the goal that much more worthwhile. . ."

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