February Students of the Month named

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 2/11/97.

Six students were selected by the Paynesville Area Middle School staff to be the February Students of the Month. Faculty members select students on the basis of class participation, how well they get along with their classmates and academics.

Representing the sixth grade are Susie Swyter and Darren Schultz; seventh grade, Laurie Barten and Adam Rafferty; and eighth grade, David Wilder and Tanya Wendroth.

Susie Swyter is daughter of Dennis and Carolyn Swyter, Paynesville, Susie likes to hang out with her friends. She is a member of the sixth grade traveling basketball team, science club and choir.

Darren Schultz is the son of Larry and Julie Schultz, rural Paynesville. He enjoys reading and playing on the computer. He is a member of the middle school science club.

Laurie Barten is daughter of Ruth Barten, Paynesville, Laurie enjoys reading and roller blading. She is a member of the seventh grade volleyball, basketball and softball teams and competes in speech.

Adam Rafferty is the son of Murry and Pam Rafferty, Paynesville. He enjoys basketball, golf and playing video games. He is a member of the seventh grade band, plays basketball and golf.

Tanya Wendroth is the daughter of Mark and Roberta Wendroth, rural Paynesville. She enjoys reading and biking. She plans on competing on the seventh grade softball team in the spring.

David Wilder is the son of Harold and Pam Wilder, rural Paynesville. He enjoys playing with radio controlled cars and is a member of the eighth grade band.

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