Name change reflects usage at Paynesville Area Center

This article submitted by Michael Jacobson on 2/10/99.

In December, the Paynesville Area Senior Center board of directors voted to change the name to Paynesville Area Center.

ďThe whole idea is to make the public more aware that itís here and open to (them),Ē said Janell Hoffman, director.

The center is already used by a wide section of the community, so the switch reflects the actual usage. In an article explaining the name change in the centerís current newsletter, Don Torbenson estimated 36 community groups use the center for weekly, monthly, or annual meetings. From young scouts to Jaycees to Senior Dining, the users cover the age spectrum. They hold aerobics classes, Bible studies, and games.

Currently the community theatre group is rehearsing at the center and will stage their upcoming play, ďAn Evening of CultureĒ at the center on Feb. 12 and 13.

A weekly list of the centerís activities and other information can be found in the Press each week in the ďUnder the Big Green RoofĒ column.

Anyone wishing to use the facilities must contact the office to apply, have their request approved, and pay a $25 damage deposit. Local nonprofit groups and service clubs generally are not charged rental fees, but private parties and commercial groups are, the amount depending on the space used and for the duration of time.

Other center activities are actually open to all ages, too. For instance, anyone can eat lunch there as part of the Senior Dining program. The cost, however, is a suggested $2.25 donation for seniors, and a $4.25 charge for anyone else. Reservations can be made by calling 320-243-4575. They should be made before 8:30 a.m. for the noon meal. The weekly menu can be found in the Press.

The center was founded and runs mainly on money received through donations, memorials, and fund raisers. Its annual budget is over $40,000. It receives $10,000 each year from the city of Paynesville, and is also supported by Paynesville and Zion townships.

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