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Paynesville Press - February 9, 2005

Township supervisor candidates introduced

By Bonnie Jo Hanson

Three area townships - Lake Henry, Munson, and Roseville - have contested races for supervisor at the annual township elections on Tuesday, March 8. Lake Henry also has a contested race for treasurer.

All townships will elect a supervisor for three years and a treasurer for two years at the March elections.

Lake Henry Township
In Lake Henry Township, incumbent supervisor Celestine Fischbach is being challenged by Gary Olmscheid, and incumbent treasurer Ray Loxtercamp is being challenged by Ray Nietfeld.

Fischbach, who lives on Co. Rd. 19, has lived in Lake Henry Township for most of his life. He is the manager and part owner of the Regal Elevator and has served on the township board for 12 years, including five years as chairman.

Fischbach, 71, decided to run for another term as supervisor because people were asking him to, he said. He wants to see more control of township business retained by the township and not by the county or state, he added.

Olmscheid, who lives on 220th Street, has lived in Lake Henry Township his whole life and is a dairy farmer on his family's home farm. He is also a part-time rural mail carrier.

Olmscheid spent six years on the township board several years ago. He is running for supervisor again because he thinks it's time for change; he believes the township board needs some new blood.

Loxtercamp, who lives on Co. Rd. 19, has lived on his farm since 1973. Before then, he lived in the city of Lake Henry, where he was the owner of Lake Henry Implement. Now he farms and works at the Regal Elevator.

He has been the township treasurer for the past 16 years. He decided run again because he likes the position and vowed to himself that he would continue as treasurer until he turns 80, just two more years.

Nietfeld, who also lives on Co. Rd. 19, is also a lifelong township resident and has lived on his dairy and hog farm since 1961.

Previously, Nietfeld served two years on the township board about ten years ago as a supervisor. He wanted to run for township treasurer because he wanted to have some impact on local government, he said. He hopes to help keep the township under local control, and he believes that task will require the efforts of farmers.

Munson Township
In Munson Township, newcomers Gerard Gertken and Denis Hemmesch filed to replace incumbent supervisor Tom Gertken, who did not re-file.

Gertken, 37, who lives on 243rd Street, has lived in Munson Town-ship for most of his life. He's a crop farmer and works part-time as a rural mail carrier. He has been an election judge for five years and is a member of the Richmond Lions Club.

He is running for township supervisor because the position is open, and he believes the board needs to look at future growth in the area from all directions.

Hemmesch, 44, who lives on Golden Rod Road, has lived in Munson Township his whole life. He's a dairy farmer and spent six years on the Munson Township Planning and Zoning Commission.

He is running for township board because he wants to improve township government. He hopes to address the issue of urban encroachment on farmland, he said.

Roseville Township
In Roseville Township, incumbent supervisor Mike Flanders is being challenged by Allen Keller.

Flanders, who lives on 267th Avenue, is a full-time rural mail carrier and the owner of a riding stable and saddle and tack store. He was appointed to the Roseville Township Board of Supervisors about six months ago when Bill Ryan vacated his seat. Flanders has been active on several committees for the Paynes-ville Area Schools and serves on the Highway 23 Task Force as the representative for Roseville Township.

Flanders, 54, accepted his appointment because he believed that township government is still grassroots and that everyone should take part serving the community in some manner. He wants to continue on the board because he's been there just long enough to learn how things work, and he wants to continue the work he's already begun.

Keller, 38, who lives on 130th Street, has lived in Roseville Township his whole life.

A full-time dairy farmer, Keller decided to run for supervisor because he thought it would be interesting to participate in local government and to help township residents in any way he could.

Eden Lake Township:
Supervisor: *Conrad Blomker;
Treasurer: *Donald Schlangen;

Irving Township:
Supervisor: *Daniel Olson;
Treasurer: *Howard Powers;

Lake Henry Township:
Supervisor: *Celestine Fischbach and Gary Olmscheid; Treasurer: *Ray Loxtercamp and Ray Nietfeld;

Manannah Township:
Supervisor: *Harold Kelm;
Treasurer: *Janine Shepersky;

Munson Township:
Supervisor: Gerard Gertken and Denis Hemmesch;
Treasurer: *Dick Behnen;

Paynesville Township:
Supervisor: *Pat Meagher;
Treasurer: *Laura Lindeman;

Roseville Township:
Supervisor: *Mike Flanders and Allen Keller;
Treasurer: *Terry Schaefer;

St. Martin Township:
Supervisor: *John Feldewerd;
Treasurer: *LeRoy Garding;

Union Grove Township:
Supervisor: *Rick Thompson;
Treasurer: *Jeff Johnson;

Zion Township:
Supervisor: *Richard Leyendecker;
Treasurer: *Carol Wegner.

*Denotes incumbent.

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