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Paynesville Press - February 9, 2005

I Love To Read!

By Michael Jacobson

Lisa and Tyler Hemmesch

Tyler and Lisa Hemmesch Why do you like to read?

Tyler: I like to read because it's something to do when I'm bored, and some of the books can be entertaining and fun.
Lisa: I like to read to relax and to learn new things.

What type of books do you choose most often?
Tyler: I like mysteries and sports books. I like them because I know a lot about sports and the mysteries make you keep reading to find out what happens next.
Lisa: I like to read romance novels, history-related books, and new/old children's novels which could be read in a classroom.

What books do you remember someone reading aloud to you?
Tyler: Barney, Clifford, Berenstain Bears, and Arthur.
Lisa: I don't remember any specific books, but I do remember reading in the treehouse in our elementary library and Ms. Sorensen reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in third grade.

What is the first book you read completely on your own?
Tyler: The Foot Book and Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Lisa: I don't remember.

What is your favorite book?
Tyler: Hank the Cow Dog books and Hardy Boys books.
Lisa: Daddy, Family Album, and The Gift.

Who are your favorite authors?
Tyler: Lemony Snicket, J.K. Rowling, and Gary Paulsen.
Lisa: Danielle Steele and Nora Roberts.

Please give a summary of the last book you have read.
Tyler: The Austere Academy. Violet, Klaus, and Sunny go to school and have to live in a tin shack while they go to that school. Their friends were orphans like they were and helped them while they were there. After a while, a new gym teacher came who was Count Olaf. He tries to take away their family fortune. He made them run the track every night. The night of a test, their friends run it for them. Count Olaf ends up taking them away. Lisa: Home Before Morning. This is a true story of an army nurse in Vietnam. Lynda Van Devanter wrote this book as a form of therapy. She tells about her experiences during her year in Vietnam and the difficulties she encountered once she returned to civilian life.

What book would you really like to read?
Lisa: Kaleidascope or Jewels.

Where do you find books?
Tyler: Middle school library. Lisa: My mom's book collection.

Where is your favorite place to read? Why?
Tyler: In my mom and dad's room because it's quiet and no one else comes in while I read.
Lisa: In my bed or in the van while I'm waiting for my kids because it's quiet and peaceful.

What are your other interests and hobbies?
Tyler: Playing football, wrestling, and hanging around and talking to friends.
Lisa: I enjoy baking, cooking, sports, geneology, and spending time with family and friends.

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