Few candidates file for township office

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 2/9/00.

Filings for township office closed on Feb. 1. The township elections and the annual meetings will be held on Tuesday, March 14.

The only races appear to be in Irving Township where Harlow Olson and Wayne OĠDell have filed for the supervisor position and Munson Township where Daniel Holthaus and Kay Cook have also filed for the supervisor position.

Two township incumbents did not file for another term but newcomers have filed. In Eden Lake Township, Ralph Hennen filed for supervisor, and in Lake Henry Township, Matt Hemmesch filed for supervisor.

One supervisor in each township, and all the township clerks are up for election this year.

Filing for office were incumbents and newcomer are designated with an asterisk*:

Paynesville Township: Don Wiese, clerk; and Johnnie Olson, supervisor.

Eden Lake Township: Anne Meyer, clerk; and *Ralph Hennen, supervisor. Loren Eull did not file for another term as supervisor.

Union Grove Township:Loren Pearson, clerk; and Verrol Smith, supervisor.

Zion Township: Carolyn Reeck, clerk; and Duane Burg, supervisor.

Irving Township: Joyce Strootman, clerk; and Harlow Olson and *Wayne OĠDell, supervisor.

Roseville Township: Pat Fenske, clerk; and Foster Hudson, supervisor.

St. Martin Township: Don Rausch, clerk; and Clarence Olmscheid, supervisor.

Munson Township: Kathleen Hem-mesch, clerk; and Daniel Holthaus and *Kay Cook, supervisor.

Lake Henry Township: Ralph Klassen, clerk; and *Matt Hemmesch, supervisor. Gary Olmscheid did not file for another term.

Manannah Township: Jan Rossmeisl, clerk; and LuVerne Becker, supervisor.

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