St. Martin grocery store has new owners

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 2/3/98.

Joe and Mary Dingman, St. Martin, have sold J&M Foods to Betty and Jim Schmidt, Eden Valley. The Dingmans have operated the store for 13 years. Besides working in the store, Mary is also a special education teacher in Farming. Mrs. Dingman said it was hard for a grocery story to keep up inventory with the line of food people require in a small town.

The Schmidts will assume management of the grocery store on Feb. 1, under the new name of BJís Food and Services. BJís Food and Services will offer a wide variety of grocery items and will expand to offer a variety of other services which include typing (resumes, special projects, etc.) fax, copying, etc.

Betty worked at the St. Cloud Times 15 years. She resigned from her position the first of the year to take on this new adventure. Jim works at Catholic Charities in St. Cloud and will continue there. ďThis is a first attempt for us to run a retail business,Ē Betty said. ďWe have often talked about owning our own business. The opportunity came up at the right time and weíve taken the plunge.Ē

The couple has two daughters, Heidi, 22, and Megan, 18. The family lives in Eden Valley.

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